Yokiko Tsunoda


Yokiko TSUNODA is a Japanese Designer, founder of the Paris fashion brand TSUNODA PARIS. She studied fashion designing in Japan and has been creating garments in Paris since 1997. TSUNODA ready wear is inspired from the happy pursuits of the world and her collection reflects her style and her values. As a lover of the wild and the nature, she is only using organic fabrics hoping to bring a revolution in the fashion industry. She says she wants to be a part of the nature and clean environment, fashion being a powerful tool.

Yokiko herself is a free women who loves the wild, loves to travel, discover, learn and enjoy life everyday. She loves to understand culture, people, their values in life. She believes happiness is an energy and we give and take it everyday. Wild and Free Yokiko has her reflection on her clothes, her clothes being made for the free spirited youth. Her garments are simple designs, with feminine touch. She says she wants TSUNODA women to be comfortable and happy and that is all. By combining masculine fabric with feminine couture details, she creates comfortable clothing with a couture feeling, mostly inspired from 50s French Fashion. Her attention to detail like bows, drawstrings, ruffles created on mens fabric makes it modern and vintage at the same time.

Her atelier is located in Paris, and her fabrics are imported from all parts of the world.

Paris, France.